Barbie Princess Adventure


Action / Animation / Musical



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Sing-along with Barbie in the all-new musical movie Barbie Princess Adventure. The adventure begins when Barbie and her friends travel to the country of Floravia to meet Princess Amelia, who looks a lot like Barbie. Princess Amelia is nervous about becoming queen, so she comes up with a plan to switch places with Barbie. Their secret is safe until a rival prince discovers the truth. It's then up to Barbie and her friends to stop the prince and rescue the princess in time for her coronation. With the support of her friends, Barbie helps Princess Amelia discover the power in finding your own voice. Filled with lots of fun songs and new friends, this exciting musical celebration shows the best thing you can be is yourself. —Mattel Television

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Erica Lindbeck as Amelia
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