Barbie: The Pearl Princess


Animation / Family



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This is the tale of a young mermaid who is being raised by her aunt. This young mermaid has the power to control pearls and make beautiful magic with them. One day her Aunt is called upon by a member of the royal family to help out at the official passing of the crown from the king and queen to the young prince since the death of the young princess. When the young mermaids aunt forgets her invitation to the royal party, the young mermaid takes off to give her the important paper. Along the way our new mermaid friend meets new friends and unknowing to her is part of a long lost secret and scandal that happened when she was just a baby. —Zakima2

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Peter New as Murray
John Novak as Caligo
Tabitha St. Germain as Purple Mer-Teen
Kathleen Barr as Madame Ruckus
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Aug 29, 2021 at 07:02 PM
1 hr 13 mins
P/S 3 / 57