Big Ass Spider!


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller



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Once more, a failed military experiment spawns an abomination. This time, a not-so-itchy-bitchy spider finds its way into the silent morgue of an L.A. hospital, and since then, the mutated creature keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now, it's up to an unproven hero, the neighbourhood's exterminator and bug expert, Alex Mathis, to enter into the spider's mind, and save the city--and perhaps, the world--from an ever-growing menace that threatens to level everything in its path. It's hairy. It's hungry. It's the mother of all spiders. Can Alex stop the eight-legged behemoth before the U.S. Army takes over? —Nick Riganas

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Greg Grunberg as Alex Mathis
Lin Shaye as Mrs. Jefferson
Ray Wise as Major Braxton C. Tanner
Clare Kramer as Lt. Karly Brant
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