Black Easter


Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi



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Ram Goldstein and three of the world's top geniuses are commissioned to compete against other elite scientists in a race to create the first matter transfer machine. Ahmed Amir is financing the program at his technology institute. While engineering the project, Ram discovers time travel. However, he also uncovers that the institute is a shield for an extreme terrorist group with the intentions of using the technology as a weapon. Ram's friends are held hostage and he is forced to complete the machine. Meanwhile, Ahmed makes plans to travel back in time to kill Jesus and prevent the resurrection. Before Ram can escape, Ahmed hijacks the machine and sends a military team, led by Brandt, to kill Jesus. Their interference causes all hell breaks loose and mankind is thrown into an apocalypse. With no time to spare, only a genius with no faith and a man who lost his hold the fate of the world in their hands.

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Susan Gallagher as Ram's Mother
Kariana Karhu as Ashley
Heidi Montag as Diane
Donny Boaz as Brandt
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