Crime / Thriller



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Yathaarth and Saanchi were once happily married but currently their marriage is on the rocks where Saanchi wasn't to divorce him and shift to US.Yathaarth gets an offer from his office to travel to Singapore for a client but he declines as Saanchi's mental condition isn't good and has mood swings.Yathaarth gets a news that a terrorist named Haq Gul who had got death penalty has escaped from police custody during his transfer and has held Saanchi hostage in their flat.Yathaarth reaches the spot and explains about Saanchi's condition to the investigation officer Malik and how dangerous she could be if she does not have her meditation on time.During the whole hostage drama everyone has different story to tell where Saanchi tells Gul that Yathaarth is having an affair with her Doctor and is trying to prove her mentally unstable,she also tries to seduce Gul.While Gul starts to trust Saanchi and tells her that he isn't a terrorist but was framed by his uncle on pretext of job.On the other hand Yathaarth revels Malik about Saanchi's affair with an unknown person and Malik tells him how Gul planted a bomb killing innocent people.The whole saga of deceit and lies revels a shocking truth.

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Madhavan as Yathaarth Sinha
Aparshakti Khurana as Haq Riyaaz Gul
Darshan Kumaar as ACP Harishchandra Malik
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