Finding Santa


Action / Romance



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A rural small town devoted to its annual Christmas festival desperately commissions newly appointed parade organizer Grace Long to find a suitable stand-in when the popular Santa Tom White, who actually runs a school for Santas and elves but is disabled by an arm injury. The mayor's numskull son Clint is a nightmare, so everyone hopes Ben's son and formerly groomed successor Ben White can be convinced. She seeks him in the Big Apple, where he struggles to become an author but depends for his income on Uber taxi rides. Faking to be a client, she sort of wins his friendship during the long drive home. He hangs around a while, mainly because of blizzard and road trouble, but also reconnects with his roots and even plays Santa for a cut-off host family's cute son Tucker, yet remains reluctant to replace Tom in the parade and his blossoming romance with Grace seems compromised.

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Eric Winter as Ben White
Jodie Sweetin as Grace Long
Ava Telek as Alyx
Jay Brazeau as Tom White
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