Goliath and the Dragon


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Romance



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In ancient times, Emilius the Mighty nicknamed Goliath of Thebes, due to his extraordinary strength, serves the Pagan God of Vengeance and the Goddess of Four Winds. In return for his devotion, these gods reward him with Immortality during his fights against any mortals. For this, Goliath is respected and admired by friends and foes alike. However, King Eurystheus who is a Tyrant, does not believe in Goliath's immortality and plans to slay him and conquer his native land, The Kingdom of Thebes. For this purpose, Eurystheus steals the precious Blood Diamond belonging to the God of Vengeance and hides it in the Cave of Horrors where a Cerberus and a Dragon guard it. Goliath vows to return the diamond to the God of Vengeance. In Goliath's absence, Eurystheus plans to invade and conquer Thebes. If the plan to send Goliath to his death in the Cave of Horrors doesn't succeed, King Eurystheus' back-up plan is to pit Goliath against his brother Hyllus. Eurystheus intends to convince the jealous Hyllus that his girlfriend Thea secretly loves Goliath, despite the fact that Goliath is married to Dejanira. Eurystheus also plans to have Goliath poisoned by employing the services of his house slave Alcinoe. Finally, Eurystheus has no qualms about using Dejanira as a hostage against the vengeance of Goliath.

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