Hill of No Return


Crime / Drama / History / Romance



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In the 1920s, when Taiwan is Japan's colony, the small town of Chiu-Fen was famous for its gold mines. Escaping from the landlord's control, Chu and Wei join the gold rush in Chiu-Fen, hoping that they can be rich and have their own land some day. There are two kinds of women in the small town: hard-working homemakers and prostitutes. The formers are always struggling in poverty. Jou is one of them. People believe that she is doomed to be a widow. She married twice. Both of her husbands are dead. Che falls in love with her anyway. He becomes her third husband in despite of people's warnings. Many of the masters of brothels make a future from the prostitution business as well as the black market of gold. Wei loves Fumiko, a young prostitute. He decides to buy back her freedom. Unfortunately, Fumiko is infected with V.D.--and dying. A gold-mine tunnel suddenly caves in, trapping many miners; Chu is among them. Jou packs the memorial tablets of her three husbands and leaves the silent mountain.—Anon

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