Lady in a Cage


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller



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The lady is Mrs. Hilyard, a wealthy poetess who lives in a three-story city mansion and her cage is her elevator, which stops a dozen feet short of the main floor due to an electrical failure on a July 4th weekend. She rings her outside alarm, eventually noticed by a drunken derelict, who breaks into the house, ignores her plight and helps himself to various items and alcohol. He leaves with his loot but returns a while later with a curvy prostitute and three teenage hoodlums, who proceed to terrorize Mrs. Hilyard as they wreck her home.

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James Caan as Randall Simpson O'Connell
Scatman Crothers as Junkyard Proprietor's Assistant
Olivia de Havilland as Mrs. Cornelia Hilyard
Ann Sothern as Sade
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