Northanger Abbey (TV Movie 2007)


Action / Drama / Romance



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When Catherine Morland is given the opportunity to stay with the childless Allen family in Bath, she is hoping for an adventure of the type she has been reading in novels. Soon introduced to society, she meets Isabella Thorpe and her brother John, a good friend of her own brother, James. She also meets Henry Tilney, a handsome young man from a good family and his sister, Eleanor. Invited to visit the Tilney estate, Northanger Abbey, she has thoughts of romance but soon learns that status, class and money are all equally important when it comes to matters of the heart. —garykmcd

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Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland
Liam Cunningham as General Tilney
JJ Feild as Henry Tilney
Geraldine James as The Voice of Jane Austen
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