Police Academy


Action / Comedy / Crime



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In desperate need of a fresh batch of police officers, the newly appointed Lady Mayoress of a crime-plagued metropolis lowers the bar for the recruitment process. As a result, all types of misfits start flocking into Commandant Eric Lassard's prestigious Police Academy, and the leader of this assortment of pariahs is Carey Mahoney: a light-hearted, devil-may-care young rebel. But now, there is no turning back, and to make matters worse, the autocratic martinet, Lieutenant Harris, can't wait to see them quit. Then, a full-scale riot breaks out, and the inexperienced but dauntless cadets will have to put their training to good use. Do they have what it takes to be law-enforcement officers?

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Kim Cattrall as Karen Thompson
John Hawkes as Driver of Teskey truck
Leslie Easterbrook as Sgt. Callahan
Steve Guttenberg as Carey Mahoney
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1 hr 36 mins
P/S 4 / 18