Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller



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Chicago artists couple Steven and Shannon travel to Puerto Rico to complete the adoption of Haiti earthquake orphan Nina. They start bonding in a hotel and later resort waiting for the travel documents, but the trauma of a car accident rendering her infertile is rekindled by their weird neighbors, headed by NGO veteran Benjamin and feisty henchman Salo, who picks an even weirder bar fight to beat up staged-drunk Steven. Shortly after, Nina disappears and the San Juan police superintendent concludes it's a scam by a fake adoption agency. While the couple keeps looking desperately for cahoot Nina, Benjamin prepares an even crueler chapter, which bodes ill for all adults. —KGF Vissers

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Meadow Williams as Barmaid
John Cusack as Benjamin
Ryan Phillippe as Steven
Jacki Weaver as Reigert
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