The Hunters


Action / Drama / Romance / War



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In 1952, as the Korean War rages on, American officers land in Kyoto. Among them are Major Ceve Saville, assigned to a fighter squadron, and Lieutenant Carl Abbott. The latter neglects his charming wife Kristina, who is sinking into bitterness. In Korea, Saville meets again Colonel Dutch Imil, a former brother in arms as well as other friends. Back in Japan Saville falls in love with forsaken Kristina, which arouses Abbott's jealousy. The two men turn into implacable rivals. But during a mission against Chinese Migs, Abbott is hurt and Saville decides to rescue him... —Guy Bellinger

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Robert Wagner as Lt. Ed Pell
Robert Mitchum as Major Cleve Saville
Nina Shipman as WAF Lieutenant
May Britt as Kristina 'Kris' Abbott
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