The Kill Reflex


Action / Crime / Thriller



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Williamson plays a cop called 'Soda Cracker', whose partner was killed in a mysterious assassination. He is convinced that the murder was committed by his old enemy, Ivan Moss, played by Bo Svenson. Despite threats from the mob and from the police department, he vows to continue his mission to find the persons responsible for the assassination. Maud Adams plays his new police woman partner, who falls in love with him during their investigations. 'Soda Cracker' also has to deal with the fact that many of the police officers on the squad may be corrupt, and tries to break down the criminal network whilst finding evidence against Ivan Moss.

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Maud Adams as Crystal Tarver
Fred Williamson as Soda Cracker
Julie Gregg as Nancy Gillespe
Bo Svenson as Ivan Moss
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