The New Age


Comedy / Drama



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A 'grown-up' film about adult relationships, and the vapidness of new ageism. Peter and Katherine Witner are well-off, SoCal yuppies. They're intelligent, and have great jobs but no centre - no real foundation which gives messaging to their lives - just very hedonistic, and emotionally immature. When they both lose their jobs, they begin to have sex with various partners. As a solution to their situation; they decide to start a business, together, and in order to find meaning to their empty lives, they turn to various new age gurus, and other such groups. Eventually, they emotionally hit rock bottom, and must make some hard decisions. —Reid Gagle

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Samuel L. Jackson as Dale Deveaux
Peter Weller as Peter Witner
Corbin Bernsen as Kevin Bulasky
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1 hr 52 mins
P/S 3 / 13