Wicked Minds


Romance / Thriller



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A Harvard graduate finds his life falling to pieces after embarking on a torrid affair with his new stepmother -- but everyone seems to have something to hide and the motivation for murder is universal in this twisting thriller from director Jason Hreno. It's been a long time since Holden Pryce (Andrew W. Walker) has paid a visit to his estranged father, and upon graduating from Harvard, Holden decides to put the past on ice and check up on his well-to-do dad. Stunned to learn that his father's new bride, Lana (Angie Everhart), is half his father's age, Holden soon begins to suspect that something is amiss in the couple's lavish household. Holden's suspicions are confirmed when he is seduced by the irresistible Lana, and when he threatens to blow the lid off of their affair the discovery of his father's lifeless body points to foul play. But who could it be that is behind the murder -- a scheming femme fatale or a jealous son?

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Conrad Pla as Det. Mormino
Amy Sloan as Nicole
Andrew W. Walker as Holden / Mason's son-Lana's stepson
Angie Everhart as Lana / Wife-Holden's stepmother
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