You Won't Be Alone


Drama / Horror



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Rural 19th-century Macedonia. Robbed of her childhood, Nevena, a feral 16-year-old woman raised in isolation, has to pay for the sins of her mother. And, freed from her impenetrable stony prison, the innocent girl has no other choice but to accept her fate and turn into something unimaginable. Little by little, as Nevena roams the myth-ridden, superstition-filled land, gathering both gratifying and harrowing experiences, dark immortality ignites her animalistic, wide-eyed curiosity. But Nevena's lifelong, black-hearted tormentor is never far away. Is Nevena doomed to follow in her horrible supernatural mentor's shoes to master the art of being human?

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Noomi Rapace as Bosilka
Alice Englert as Biliana
Sara Klimoska as Nevena
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